Shipping & Refund Policy

Shipping Policy

While purchasing any medicine from an online pharmacy seems to be a big task for many, there are some alternate options available at your end. Most people are of the opinion that online medicines are not of the best quality. However, that’s a mere myth and nothing true lies in it.

According to the prescription, it is easy to place an order on our website and get it delivered to your doorstep. Several steps come under the shipping process, and we keep good care as well. We would like you to have a little patience while we work on it. In addition, it will be of great advantage for you to go through our company’s shipping and refund policy.

Placing Order and its timely delivery:

As you visit our website to purchase the various medicines available, make sure you read the policies. The website undergoes multiple changes from time to time. Before you begin to choose the drugs, learn that they are all highly effective. Furthermore, as you place an order on the website, know that it can have a far more strong effect. Once you have selected the products that need to be bought, you can make the payment through PayPal.

The website has got its license issued from the DEA and follows its rules and restrictions. There are a variety of medicines that you can get from here, but for that, you need proper advice from a health expert. Each product has a reasonable rate and best quality among all the competitors. Once you have placed your Order, it will get ready for shipment and another process. From there, it goes for – checking, packaging, labelling and other aspects. The medicines will be delivered to you within 4 to 5 working days after it is processed for shipping.

Our Key points in shipping:

Once your Order gets confirm, it will be sent for further procedure. We would request you to kindly co-operate with us as shipping and delivery take a little time. There are plenty of websites that you can choose to purchase medicines. Many patients who are in a hurry to get the medication can choose for overnight delivery as well. However, we would recommend considering the one that gives affordable products at a genuine price.

As it can be difficult for people to trust other sites, we want them to check the authentication of the website first. Moreover, it will protect you from online frauds that are becoming common these days. If you tend to buy medicine from our platform, remember that we can have various drugs. Each of the treatments is of the best quality and delivers them to your doorstep at reasonable prices.

Refund Policy

Once we have delivered our goods and services to your address, it is your responsibility to check everything after that. Though we take several steps to provide our customers with world-class services, there are still some exceptions for customer’s unsatisfactory behaviour. Our aim is customer satisfaction, and if it isn’t going well, we take other measures to cope with the issue. Moreover, you need to worry if there is anything wrong with the parcel. We are here to help you, and if there is anything from our side, we will refund you the money within 24 hours. But for that, you need to get the details to fill in with our customer executive, and a few steps will be forward.

Fault in delivery:

Sometimes, there can be a minor breakage of things that are there inside the parcel due to transportations. If there is any sort of mishandling from our end, we are highly apologetic for that. That’s why we want you to go through the products as soon as the parcel reaches. Make sure you give us the correct details, or else the refund may take time in other processes.

Unfamiliar goods:

If a person seems unhappy with the products for quality or other reasons, they want a refund. We want them to know that we understand their concern. Similarly, if there is a delivery of wrong items or any other issue, we want you to get that thing straight with our executive. It may take up a few questions, but your refund will begin within time.