Privacy Policy

We make sure that every aspect of our website is operational from the users/customers’ point of view. It is remarkable to see that so many users daily visit and site, yet we are successfully managing them with much ease. Alongside, we make sure that their data/information is coming under privacy reasons. It means that we do not let their data go anywhere outside our source.

To manage the website and its user interface is our routine work. However, we also keep focusing on the quality of maintaining our site so that there is no issue for our users. Therefore, to ensure that everything runs well, we have our backend team who works on the safety and security aspects. Here we have discussed some terms that constitute the privacy policy of our website. After reading them, you can decide if you want to continue using the website or withdraw right now. Make sure that you quit using the pages if you disagree with our website terms.

Collecting personal data:

When you visit our site, a box appears on the screen asking for “agree” or “not agree.” It is there to remind you that while you’ll be using our website, we may require your personal information for our user data storage. It will be stored in our database for future reference.

Some people might not be comfortable with letting other websites store their information. However, it is done merely to improve the user experience on the website. Furthermore, the data that we hold consists of – your name, age, address, e-mail id, zip code, and other helpful information.

Storing cookies:

Most people who use an internet browser or other search engines know that they store your browser’s cookies for a better user experience. However, if you are using an untrusted medium, make sure you do not continue doing it for long. It helps us to know about your choice and preferences. Furthermore, we are able to provide similar services as per your requirement. Moreover, the ad that pop-up on your screen is a work of artificial intelligence of the search engine.

Protect user’s classification:

Under the laws of cyber activities, every website needs to maintain the secrecy of the client. Apart from their data, we make sure that nothing goes in public at any cost. We believe in equal rights and do not encourage any racism. Therefore, we may never release any of the person’s privacy, such as – race, color, citizenship, mental condition, or anything else.

Moreover, we will never submit user’s sensitive data to any third-party site as it is against our policy. However, if the user itself gets involved in any such acts, we may not be liable for it. Our suggestion would be to avoid going/clicking any third-party ads. It may store your private data, which eventually will cause theft or loss of assets.

Use of Information:

The data that we collect does not account for any security purpose. Instead, we store it for better user experience, such as –
  • We provide helpful information according to user’s preferences.
  • We can also detect technical errors on your browser page while you are surfing our website.
  • The ads that pop up on your screen depending upon your searches on the internet browser.
  • We provide customer support on the basis of what the user demands.
  • Our work is to monitor their services and provide information according to that.
  • We inform people about special offers on the website.

Disclosure of Data:

At times a person may demand things that are not under our control. To tackle such a situation, we need to have access to your information so that we can give you the desired result. In addition, we may disclose the user’s data when asked by the state’s legal authorities.

The country’s law enforcement may ask us to showcase the data about our users at certain times. It can be due to an act of cybercrime or monetary loss of the company. However, we will never sell out your information to any other third-party sites. Hence, you can rely on us for the privacy of belongings you allow us to keep for further processing.